Susana Cobo Web Producer Web Designer Digital Marketing Strategist Sisters Oregon

I look for unconventional spaces to create in.

Both in design and my life. I live and work remotely out of Sisters, Oregon where my husband and I have turned a metal warehouse into a creative sanctuary.

During my last year at Cal State Fullerton, I was the web editor of the student newspaper. That's when I was introduced to web design through the visual communications department. It took one class to learn to create code and I was on my way to publishing a handful of websites before graduating.

After that, online marketing found me. Clients hired me to learn it and apply it to their business.

Today, I work with budding entrepreneurs and artists in branding and online marketing strategies. I integrate my communications education with design and marketing to collaborate with entrepreneurs: 

  • Like this DIY Brand Video Workbook where you learn to create a brand video for your business, creating a script and storyboard.
  • And Pre-lance, an online course for graphic designers helping bridge the gap from recent grads to successful freelancers. 
  • I also create with my husband for his band, Hobbs the Band, constantly applying design and Facebook marketing strategies for the rock 'n' roll progressive group. 

When I'm not staring wide-eyed at my Mac or looking through my viewfinder, I'm learning new ways to use smoked paprika and turmeric, transforming our home into a sanctuary, and looking for secondhand treasures.


working with me

You get access to everything I know about web design, online business strategy, photography, and Facebook Ads. As we work together I’ll encourage you to question your business strategies and solidify your branding.

I'll challenge your digital strategies as they relate to your business and give you as much feedback as you need so you can have a solid strategy that you’ll be able to handle.