H + S Wedding

Susana Cobo

I look for unconventional spaces to create in. In both design and my life. I live and work remotely out of Sisters, Oregon where my fiancé and I have turned a metal warehouse into a creative sanctuary.

During my last year at Cal State Fullerton, I was the web editor of the student newspaper. That's when I was introduced to web design through the visual communications department. It took one class to learn code and I was on my way to publishing a handful of websites before graduating.

After that, online marketing found me. Clients started hiring me to learn it and apply it to their business.

Today, I work with budding entrepreneurs and artists in branding and online marketing strategies. I integrate my journalism background with visual communication and marketing to collaborate with my partner, Jenny Taylor -who led me to Sisters after graduation where we created a course for entrepreneurs. We call it the DIY Brand Video Mini Course. You learn to create your script and storyboard, and outsource the tech. I also create with my fiancé for his band, Hobbs the Band, constantly applying design and online marketing strategies for the rock 'n' roll progressive group.

When I'm not staring wide-eyed at my Mac or looking through my viewfinder, I'm learning new ways to use smoked paprika and turmeric, transforming our home into a sanctuary, and looking for secondhand treasures.